Research and Development

All Pulse Technologies was formed after many years of listening to main stream medicine advices for my illness and injuries.

I was told to take the tablets, and have the treatments and undergo the surgeries suggested by the main stream medicos.

Had I done so, I may have ended up a crippled hypochondriac.

So I joined forces with my friend Dr.GOOGLE and we spent many hours and months working together, and many times we had disagreements on what he was trying to show me. Sometimes he would tell me one thing and then on the next page he would tell me the complete opposite! Modern freedom of speech.

So after spending many sleepless nights with my new friend, I took a lot of the hundreds and hundreds of pages of research and started to compile different base products, and then started to blend them together. Well some worked well, and some I could have sent a rocket to the moon.

However, practice makes perfect, and after refining my ideas and reblending different ingredients, I started to come up with things that would do one thing, but cause a problem some where else. I suppose you'd call this "side effects".

So after years of remixing, and refining, and researching, doing and trying this one and that one, and so on, people started to notice a change in me and got to asking me what have I done and where I got the stuff to help me.

I thought " hang on a minute, why don't I put this into practice and help others"?

So I started down a long and winding road, after making these products and improving them I started to get very good remarks from friends who I have helped. So roll forward about 6 years, and I formed Allpulse Technologies to become the research and development arm of products and devices.

So far we have developed a range of creams for animals, pain cream for humans and a skin lotion. We have just trialed a lotion for stretch marks, so far so good. We are currently blending an oil base mixture for wrinkles.

Over and above these products, we have developed a range of Electro Magnetic Pulse devices. Ranging from hand held blood zapper (after putting the zapper on our web site a device that has been on the market for some time increased the strength of their product to equal the strength of ours.

The reason we raised the strength of the device was because it did not completely fix the ailment, but after raising it, it worked and worked well. The most common remark was, how come this unit works, and the other one I used did not work as well.

I put this down to integrity. Even in the field of natural medicines, people still cut corners - and people have to suffer long term so they can make an extra dollar!

We set about to make quality products not quantity. We have been involved in many other products given to me by others, but as a lot of these did not come up to our standard they didn't make the cut.

Our aim is to help people get well with natural products, it is not to sell non-performing products to make money.

Allpulse Technologies is a research and development entity formed to research and make quality products.

We will continue to strive to reach the ultimate achivement in wellness.